I Refuse To Write What I Know

Write What You Like

They say you should write what you know. That somehow writing from experience helps bring out the realism in the writing allowing the reader to better connect and identify with the piece. But you know what? I refuse to write what I know. To me, writing is my escape. Isn’t the sole reason we devour book after endless book, immerse ourselves in movies on a continuous roll and write fiction like our life depended on it because we want to step out of our mundane, trouble ridden lives for just a while?

I will connect with my readers with another way. I shall forge this sacred bond between writer and reader by putting in words those unspeakable things- their deepest desires, the wishes on stars on those desperate days, the lives they fantasize about when the world gets too much to bear.  Those unrealistic hopes, aspirations, dreams.Because ultimately, we all desire the same Utopia . In a world where we all just want to unplug, I will be their solace.

Writing to me is salvation, my temporary asylum from a life that never quite seems to go as planned. When I write, I transport myself into another dimension altogether, one where music, beauty, art and literature all merge into a fusion of color which play in the wind, complementing each other just so. Sitting at the keyboard, I explore worlds that never existed until a minute ago when I created it from nothingness, a world where I hold destiny at my fingertips. In a world where impossible is literally just a word, I fearlessly play the game of chance knowing I can never lose.

I’ve spent half my life in a world to which I provide my own personalized soundtrack; a symphony that is my own personal blend of the sounds of my hopes, ambitions and victories. A place where I can give that powerless girl the world at her feet, make the underdog win for a change, create my own demons and destroy them all with the stoke of my keyboard-a world where where defeat is always balanced out with triumph, where a happy ending in inevitable. I once wrote about how beauty will save the world. It saves me everyday.

I often wondered how people who don’t write find it in themselves to stay sane. Sitting there at my keyboard, I can live a thousand lives- it gives me the freedom to go tour the world when I’m bound in one place. And such is the magic of language because I know that once I leave, I’ll never be returning back to the same place. Yes, evading is never the answer but in a world so listless and mundane, is it so wrong to beautify a moment?