The rumble that the gods did make,
and the very earth did shake

Its glory to the heavens be sung,
The crashing clap of thunder rung

The constant lull of rain was so,
The very essence of earth did glow

The power of the rain was that,
It hisses and clapped and broke and spat

It rose up loud and roared with might
drenching all which was in sight

Relentless power, never to be undone,
Invictus; unstoppable by anyone

It crashed and roared, it rose and fell,
Capturing Earth in its ethereal spell

It commanded attention, not to be ignored,
It proclaimed its message from our Lord,

The beauty its destruction did bear,
Its influence seen everywhere

Those who lost did lament,
For beauty is not without price sent

But compensate the rain did do
For drenched in mercy, from old new grew

Nature’s change agent sent to cleared the old,
For to pay the price of new, the old must be sold

Torrential shower,no falter it showed,
it served it purpose, did what was told

For the duty of the tempest was not to wet,
but ’twas to ignite the fire, the lust which slept.

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